About Collaborate!

Welcome to popular science blog for personal development in communication!

I am Max Levchuk- professional negotiator with wide sales experience. I love people management and influence without authority. Excellent track record in providing solutions in crisis. Passion for developing new projects, working with tough cases and learning from achievements and failures. Coaching classes in negotiation at State University. Academic in communication science.

I created the Collaborate! project for my students to follow up after my lectures and seminars for better personal development. I believe that human communication can save this crazy world.

You can find my articles, talks and reposts from others for better personal development of your communication skills. I discovered 11 curtail competences for negotiators on all levels which you can use to navigate your development plan. In a chapter Game “Trust” you can play in fascinating journey of human nature and understand why people don’t trust each other.

Stay safe and good luck in you personal growth!