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"Confidence" Test

"Confidence" Test

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Nietzsche

We all have failures at times that make us very upset. Usually, people envy those whom problems make stronger. How to develop this quality in yourself? To begin with, it is worth determining in which specific aspect of psychological stability you can become better.

Research has proven that psychologically stable people have advantages in three main aspects: the ability to overcome difficulties, self-control and adherence to obligations. For them, the norm is change, not stability; they are sure that they manage their own lives and are interested in the surrounding reality.

The proposed test will help you analyze your psychological stability, as well as get some recommendations for development.

Filling out the test will take less than 5 minutes.

Memo for taking the test:

  1. Answer truthfully. Do not embellish, no matter how much you would like it.
  2. Ask others (friends or enemies) to rate you. This way you will get more objective results.
  3. Based on the test results, make a specific development plan if you need it.
  4. Look positively at your development. Even if something doesn’t work out right away, it’s also an experience.

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1.You were told that you would not get the career advancement that you had hoped for, because another candidate meets the stated requirements more. *
2.You found out that your company is opening an office in Hong Kong. This is a difficult market, but you think you have enough skills and experience to lead a new division. *
3.Your largest client informs you that the contract in which you have put a lot of effort and investment has been given to a competitor. *
4.You overheard an unflattering conversation about yourself. *
5.On Friday, at the end of the working day, the manager comes to you with an urgent matter: on Monday morning he has a meeting with an important client, and by this time he needs some preparation from you. You have a family event planned for the weekend. *
6.Stress occurs at work. There are too many burning deadlines, demands and overtime. *
7.The best friend says that he is worried about your health and offers to join a fitness club with him. *
8.Your company’s branch in Brazil is requesting financial, technical and human resources to support the local school. It will not bring instant benefits to the company, but it is a valuable opportunity to create a reputation of a socially responsible company in this region. *
9.At the dawn of your career, you set yourself a goal to become a chief executive at one of the Fortune 1000 companies by the age of fifty. Time flies: you are forty-five, and you are just the head of a small department. *

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