"Problem-Solving Skills" Test

"Problem-Solving Skills" Test
Your ability to solve problems affects almost every aspect of your life. The ability to overcome obstacles makes you more successful at work, protected and happy in your personal life.

Take a 6-question test. It will take 3-5 minutes of your time. At the end of the test, you will receive your result and its description.

Memo for taking the test:

  1. Answer truthfully. Do not embellish, no matter how much you would like it.
  2. Ask others (friends or enemies) to rate you. This way you will get more objective results.
  3. Based on the test results, make a specific development plan if you need it.
  4. Look positively at your development. Even if something doesn’t work out right away, it’s also an experience.

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1.When you face a complex and new problem, you usually *
2.When you need to find answers to solve a problem, you usually *
3.When a difficult problem arises, you usually *
4.When you are planning a solution to a problem *
5.When the problem cannot be solved by traditional methods, you usually *
6.When a new problem arises and there is no time to solve it, you usually *

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