"Timely decision-making" test

"Timely decision-making" test
In the process of negotiations, a timely decision can be of crucial importance.

For example, we can recall the history of negotiations between Google, Yahoo!, and later Microsoft and Verizon:

1998- Yahoo! refuses to buy Google for $3 million

2002- Yahoo! realizes his mistake and offers Google $3 billion. Google is asking for $5 billion. Yahoo! refuses

2008- Yahoo! refuses to sell Microsoft for $40 billion.

2016 – Yahoo! sold to Verizon for $4.8 billion. Google’s capitalization was $510 billion.

Of course, this situation could be influenced by other factors, such as the qualifications of management and the board of directors, market conditions and other circumstances. But the obvious fact is that if Yahoo! had made a decision on time, then the current distribution of forces in the industry could have been completely different.

Memo for taking the test:

  1. Answer truthfully. Do not embellish, no matter how much you would like it.
  2. Ask others (friends or enemies) to rate you. This way you will get more objective results.
  3. Based on the test results, make a specific development plan if you need it.
  4. Look positively at your development. Even if something doesn’t work out right away, it’s also an experience.


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